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Parking Management

InterPark provides parking management services at more than 100 parking facilities. InterPark's convenient client services and proven management methods ensure that the many aspects of operations management, which ultimately impact both parker satisfaction and asset performance (including cash control, staffing, security and maintenance) are handled effectively across all property classes. Our customer service focus provides parkers with a safe, clean, courteous, and efficient parking experience.

InterPark generates value by implementing consistently high levels of parking management service on a regional and local basis. As both owner and operator, we combine operating expertise with an ownership perspective to maximize the value and cash flow growth of our clients' asset. This unique focus sets InterPark apart from other Operators.

Convenient Client Services

InterPark provides an experienced parking professional to be the main point of contact for your property. Because this individual has operational responsibility, he/she is empowered to resolve any issues that arise.

Labor Savings

InterPark combines new hire screening, automated time and attendance tracking, and effective deployment of technology to ensure the optimal use of the parking labor workforce - often the largest operating expense for parking properties.

Monthly Parking

InterPark provides convenient billing and payment for monthly parkers while maintaining tight controls.

Property Classes

InterPark provides parking management for a variety of property classes, including:

  • CBD Office
  • Municipal
  • Hotel
  • Residential
  • Valet Services
  • Retail and Entertainment
  • Institutional and Campus
  • Mixed Use
  • Airport
  • Special Event
  • Hospital

Consulting Services

InterPark works closely with clients to define their parking objectives and develop solutions to their parking issues. InterPark draws upon a broad base of experience as an owner, developer and operator of parking facilities to offer a full range of parking consulting services, from development and design to equipment selection to operations management.

Development and Design

As an investor in and developer of parking facilities, InterPark has a broad base of in-house experience in designing and developing garages. As consultants, InterPark collaborates with architects and engineers to develop designs that promote safety for pedestrians, efficient movement for all traffic and state-of-the-art technology integration.

Equipment Selection

InterPark has pioneered the use of leading parking technologies, such as Pay-on-Foot and Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI). As a consulting service, InterPark offers this wealth of experience in justifying, selecting, and managing revenue control equipment to clients. In selecting equipment, InterPark uses a standard methodology that also leverages its preferred vendor relationships to ensure clients get results.

Operations Management

InterPark applies its industry-leading methods to help clients with specific operational issues, such as revenue growth, cost reduction, improved customer service, and complex tenant requirements.

Remote Monitoring

InterPark has designed a first-of-its-kind parking garage remote monitoring system that allows for the intelligent operation of a parking facility from InterPark's command area, the Remote Monitoring Center ("RMC"). In this environment, a Customer Service Representative can communicate, diagnose and resolve customer problems remotely. This capability allows InterPark the ability to operate numerous garages with limited labor while maintaining a high level of customer service.


  • Reduce or eliminate on-site labor
  • Increase operating hours without increasing operating costs
  • Increase the level of customer service to your customers
  • Update your facility with automated payment equipment, security cameras and two-way communications: see and talk with your customers remotely

How It Works

The visual capabilities from the RMC allow Customer Service Representatives to assist with all payment options and exit gate operations. Problems with tickets, credit cards or exit gate operations are immediately solved using visual contact and two-way voice communications.

A triple level of redundancy is built into the system allowing for reliable, efficient problem solving in all situations. Roving operations staff are also on call 24 hours for additional assistance if necessary.

Parking facilities can now be operated with the highest levels of efficiency and accountability available within the parking industry, based on technology and operations experience that have been seamlessly combined into a complete system.


Revenue Asset Management Parking System ("RAMPS") is an automated data collection system that connects widely used point-of-sale systems directly with portfolio management operating systems, giving asset managers real time data and greater visibility into each transaction at every garage in their portfolio.

InterPark's asset managers were dissatisfied with the outdated, manual data collection systems that were tracking thousands of $10 transactions daily. We knew that the manual handling of vital information enabled an environment ripe for revenue shrinkage. Point-of-sale systems weren't communicating directly to portfolio management operating systems. Our asset managers wanted more accurate data, faster, to gain better insights and make better management decisions. That's why we created RAMPS, a system that fills the gaps and delivers accurate data about every transaction.

RAMPS is now managing our portfolio of 100 garages in 16 cities more profitably and successfully than ever before. Using web services, point-of-sale networks are replicated hourly to a central database server. A series of interfaces standardize and translate the data to a consistent, easy to manage format. Data is automatically loaded into various operating systems while workflow logic routes the automated transactions to the appropriate manager for review and action.

Ownership Perspective

As the owner of $1.0 billion in parking assets across 16 markets, InterPark uses proven tools and methods to constantly analyze property returns and act on opportunities for improvement. Clients also leverage the capital investments InterPark has made in improving controls and administrative efficiency. Examples like implementing revenue control equipment, automating cash management activities, and centralizing monthly contract billing and payment have provided clear returns to property owners.


InterPark has developed and applied innovative technology solutions to the traditionally low-tech parking industry. InterPark systems result in revenue growth, improved productivity, and enhanced customer service at the location. In the back office, our initiatives to integrate with location-level equipment as well as provide flexible reporting and management systems have reduced administration and improved operating performance.

Managing Complexity

Cities have become more event-oriented. People are coming to cities not only to work, but to live and play. As a result, parking is in demand not just 8, but 16 and even 24 hours a day. In this environment, managing parking facilities has become increasingly complex. InterPark excels in properties with sophisticated client requirements, including multiple demand generators, valet operations, special tenant needs, technology integration, and frequent promotions.


Our financial strength allows InterPark to enter into lease arrangements that give clients confidence in the income stability and credit quality they will receive. When a dependable stream of fixed rent payments is critical, the credit worthiness of the parking operator is of utmost importance. InterPark's real estate holdings provide security that other operators cannot match.