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Recognized as a pioneer of urban and airport parking investments, InterPark is the leading private investor of parking assets in the United States. Since 1997 , InterPark has created value for their capital providers at strategic properties where we add value, promote year-over-year growth, and long term sustainability in investment returns.

We are experienced buyers and owners, specializing in urban and airport properties in national markets that involve multiple properties. Our exclusive focus on parking assets in urban and airport areas enables us to execute complex transactions and to assess market potential unseen by other investors. We are accustomed to working with lenders and local agencies to overcome regulatory, environmental and capital issues that urban and airport properties may encounter.

Our key investment criteria include:


Major U.S. cities such as San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Phoenix, Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, St. Louis and Milwaukee.

Property Types

  • Urban parking garages and surface lots strategically located in the core of the downtown central business districts
  • Preferably mature parking assets but under the right circumstances we will develop new parking assets
  • Airport parking garages and surface lots located within a seven minute drive of the airport terminal and with a minimum capacity of 1,200 parking spaces

Property Size

$10 Million minimum investment of capital

Investment Type

  • Equity or debt (depends on asset type, condition and value)
  • Stand-alone garages and lots, or accessory parking where we own a condominium interest in the parking component at multi-use properties

Existing Properties

Under-managed properties that have market related occupancy issues, require renovations, upgrading of revenue control systems and reinvestment of capital, must be in markets that produce strong revenue growth characteristics.

New Development

New development opportunities are examined on a case-by-case basis and must be in strong growth markets that have long term sustainability of returns on investment. We also consider joint ventures on land, and in garage investments where circumstances are favorable.